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Spotlight On: Samantha Crankshaw

April 16, 2015

Name:   Samantha Crankshaw

Title:  Senior Account Manager

Joined Mediaocean:  February 2011

Tell us about your journey. Why advertising and technology?

I joined Mediaocean as a junior account manager; having very little experience of the advertising industry, yet being very much interested in it. I quickly learnt the ropes, although at times it was a bit daunting, especially with all the new terminology. I do however love learning about new technologies and keeping up to date with changes and this industry moves at such a fast pace, which helps to keep me engaged. My career at Mediaocean has been an exciting one so far, I have been lucky enough to work across all media and all clients, cementing my knowledge and building solid client relationships. This has put me in good stead for working with our clients on their migration from iDesk to our new digital campaign management platform, Prisma. Since the project launch it has been a busy year and I’ve been involved in various digital initiatives.

What do you enjoy most about working at Mediaocean?

The people, there is a real mix of personalities, expertise and creativity at Mediaocean. When we have difficult projects that require different skills, I know I can seek help from other departments and from colleagues who I may not really deal with on a day to day basis. It’s a great environment.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years and what role does Mediaocean play in helping you get there?

I would like to play an active role in helping Mediaocean expand into new markets, and with Mediaocean’s current expansion plans, that’s potentially an opportunity that will be open to me. I really would like to work with clients to understand their individual market needs and to help translate those and develop products that will address their needs.

What’s your favorite employee perk at Mediaocean?

Our free breakfast and our monthly drinks. It’s nice to unwind with a reward from work when you’ve had a busy week.

Coffee or tea?

That’s a hard one, depends if I have cake in front of me – then its tea!

Cats or dogs?  


Give 3 tips for someone looking to land a job like yours:

  1. People and relationship skills are key
  2. Get yourself acquainted with the industry
  3. Perhaps think about developing your project management skills

What are your favorite websites that you can be found browsing during lunch?

Ebay for vintage clothes and antique furniture and fabric websites for my next print idea for one of my cape designs.

What’s your favorite TV show?

I am bit behind with the times on this one, but at the moment I’m watching American Horror Story.

If your life were made into a movie, who would play you and why?

I would like to think that the iconic British designer Zandra Rhodes would play me. Her look and lifestyle is definitely something I aspire to – she is dramatic, colourful and extremely creative. Very different from the norm.