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Receive TV saleshouse schedules by email & work on them in Excel

With Ambassador, salespoints can send out TV spot schedules in industry standard format. Ambassador is a fast, efficient, reliable and accountable service, operated and supported by Mediaocean, which:

•    Enables faster delivery of schedules.
•    Keeps track of when and where the file has been sent.
•    Gives agencies more transaction information, e.g. data volumes by salespoint.

If you’re a Mediaocean client, Ambassador complements media buying software like MediaExplorer and Echo (please log in and navigate to the Media tab). For agencies that don’t use other Mediaocean applications, Ambassador Receiver offers a quick and easy way to get TV saleshouse schedules by email, and convert them from industry-standard format to work with in Microsoft Excel.

How it works

Ambassador is a Lotus Domino messaging service. The saleshouse sends its spot schedule in industry-standard formatto your agency’s mailbox. Ambassador forwards the schedule to an email group at your agency. When you receive it, you can put the schedule into Excel format using Ambassador Receiver.

How to get it

To receive saleshouse schedules by email, you’ll need an Ambassador mailbox. Fill in the purchase order form (ask us to send you a copy – it explains the commercial terms). Send it with your payment to Mediaocean. We’ll give you a user ID and password so you can download and install Ambassador Receiver.

How to download and install it

To download and install Ambassador Receiver, you’ll need an ID and password from the System Support Centre at Mediaocean, then click here for more instructions.

What you need to use it

Here are the technical requirements for using Ambassador Receiver:

•    Windows XP service pack 2 or later, with local administrator access to install applications
•    Microsoft Office 2000 or later
•    Internet Explorer 6, service pack 2 or later
•    An installed Windows printer
•    An email application, with a distribution list containing at least two email addresses, so you can receive saleshouse schedules.

What if I don’t receive my schedule?

The Ambassador messaging service aims to deliver schedules quickly, normally within five minutes. However, delivery may take longer if queues develop between the broadcasters’ systems and the agency mailboxes.

If you haven’t received your schedule within 30 minutes, please submit a request for support at Mediaocean Support, or email

Our Support Centre is open from 08:30 to 18:00 Monday to Friday.