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  • unparalleled insight and control, from brief to bill

  • flexibility for all your agency needs


Spectra AS - formerly known as Adserve, provides media, production, and financial solutions for independent agencies. You can add more modules as you need them, to create a fully integrated media, administrative, creative, and financial system that you can use at all levels of your business. Applications for agency workflow give you scalability and data integrity you can depend on, and easy access so you can use them the way you want. Spectra AS makes it easy to customise your templates.


With Spectra AS, you have a single entry point for all departments, accommodating multiple workflows and delivering critical information to the entire organisation, all in real time. Estimate and compare against real costs. View Timesheets, Orders, Expenses, and Purchase Invoices as they are entered - no reports needed. And with faster billing and fewer write-offs, you’ll improve your cash flow. Spectra AS delivers the critical workflow automation, data management, access, and controls you need to meet your clients’ goals, so you can maximise with efficiency, intelligence, and effectiveness across all teams.


Spectra AS helps you manage your business data, control spending, and find solutions for billing, accounting, and workforce time management. Media management is synced to bill/pay and reporting, so all teams have insight into agency-wide activity, on a granular, holistic, and auditable level. You can view all financial activity in real-time, allowing you to track performance and analyse business units quickly and easily.


Your business demands high standards. With Spectra AS, all of your data is stable, uncorrupted, and secure. You can rest assured that your records are accurate and supported by a strong foundation for ongoing planning. Spectra AS is an open database, so you can export your data via ODBC into Access, Excel, Crystal Reports, Cognos, and more. And with more insight and control over your financial activity, we’ve made it easier to guard against errors.